Two New Multi-platform Development Tools to Rule the Market in 2016

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Multi-platform Development has recently become a much popular notion or practice in response to the demands faced from the mobile industry which has significantly grown over the last few years. The growth that is seen is not tremendous but it has been surprisingly rapid accommodating major changes in the shortest possible time windows.

The major reason for the expansion of mobile industry is the economical aperture which brought along many vendors to provide the consumers with a variety of new and efficient technologies in the mobile sphere. Google and Android as the major league players have taken the market to a new pedestal bringing forth their forte of characteristic features. However, since recent times these two have not been the only players in the game.

With the advent of windows and blackberry as the latest additions new opportunities for change were foreseen by the consumers. The availability of a diverse range of platforms encouraged the Application developers to bring along a more futuristic and compatible development platforms to entail the basic and the major mobile platforms for their applications.

This is where multiplatform development tools come into play ruling the market today for their flexibility which plays out to be a big card on the table for the big vendors holding stakes in the game.

Till now we have known a few multiplatform development tools such as Appcelerator, Phonegap and Xamarin being the latest, and now we have two more promising tools which are being looked forward to become the ruling tools in the market for 2016.

The tools namely are Kinvey available at $24,000 to $60,000 per app/year and Mag+ running up to $499 to $2,999 per app/year. Stay tuned for more info on these in the next blog.




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