U.S Navy Taking Steps With AR Based Helmets For Their Missions

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U.S Navy is the ranked number 1 navy in the world and it is no surprise to us. U.S navy is also wets their hands in the overflowing river of Augmented and Virtual Reality. U.S Navy has taken steps to develop high-tech diving helmets that will incorporate AR/VR technology that will help the naval divers safe in underwater missions. The U.S Navy has announced this month “next generation” and “futuristic” system which will have Divers Augmented Vision Display (DAVD) on which the divers will now be able to read and see the data directly on their transparent and high resolution display without lowering their eyes inside the water or so just like some HOLLYWOOD MOVIE like an ‘IRONMAN’ movie.

U.S Navy’s AR dive helmets will provide divers with real time information which ranges from diagrams to text messages. With this innovation, Divers will now be able to work more efficiently and safely on their missions.  Now, because of this the divers don’t have to rely on pre-dive briefings and now they can know directly about what they are looking for and the exact location. This helps them to place the information right before the diver’s eyes and made the divers more comfortable.

This Augmented Reality dive helmet can further be used in the missions like in underwater construction or rescue operations as it will now help them to be the first respondent and the commercial diving community.  Various Teams including Gallagher are now working on developing the components for both helmets and full face masks. The In-Water simulation testing of the components is already scheduled for October. The project has reached the Third phase where the hardening of the system is there for the field tests with possible dive commands.  This program is set to begin in 2017 soon.




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