Upcoming New – Age Gadgets in Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality has seen a succession of new headsets from major companies such as Face book’s Oculus, Samsung, Microsoft and Google, however, virtual reality has scope way beyond than just wearable head mounts. Virtual Reality if defined properly deals with a completely immersive environment, which includes manipulation of objects in the VR world. This level of interaction can be achieved through multiple interfaces, which can successfully engage all the senses apart from sight and sound.

Fortunately, the innovations in the field of Virtual Reality had begun way before then most people were even acquainted with the prospect. And so we are quickly making our way to the refiner and more sophisticated form of technology. There are many devices and gadgets that promise to deliver the very best of this next-gen technology. Some of these devices are described in this video uploaded by Freeze HD that explains 5 upcoming great VR gadgets that are sure to up the level of the VR race.




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