Useful Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile Marketing

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Mobile Marketing has become the most promising and proliferating concept ever since the dynamics of an online business economy has shifted to the smarter devices such as Smartphones and phablets. With almost every task operating from the mobile systems the need to bring services and business to the handheld systems has become of the utmost importance. This is where comes in the need to present and promote your business through the best practices of Mobile Marketing.


Understand the mindset

Mobile Marketers must have a singularly focused mobile first mindset utilizing the many factors that mobile platform offers such as push messages, emails, in-app marketing along with Mobile Marketing Automation (MMA) techniques which are great for building user profiles, split testing, real-time analysis and so on. For this, the marketers must understand the cost-effective and efficient marketing strategies that can help bridge communications with the user on a personal level helping to build stronger and better relationships.

Consider Scaling

Scaling must be considered when adopting MMA as your marketing strategy or either way as it helps to utilize time and resources effectively. Scaling helps you to reach your targeted audience; therefore, with the right tools and strategies, one can monetize the app while guaranteeing quality and accuracy of an audience.


Focus only on gaining

Most brands depend on mobile marketing to increase awareness as well as grow business opportunities through the smart devices, however; one must not just focus on bringing newer customers but must also pay attention to retaining the existent customers generating revenue.

Support same ads across different devices

Different devices should be handled differently as mobiles and tablets provide different experiences and are used for distinct purposes and hence should be optimized separately. Appealing and visually attractive ads on a particular device may be displayed differently on another device due to resolution and screen size difference. Hence, porting ads across devices must be done keeping the devices and their utilization in mind.




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