Valve To Sell The SteamVR Tracking Base Stations Directly

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Valve recently announced their plans of selling SteamVR tracking base stations, and that too on A direct basis. The first assignment of the first units is most probable, being enabled with new single rotor models, just like the company recently teased about. Valve has made a lot easier so as to develop a new tracked product and accessories with the help of SteamVR Tracking.

Valve unwrapped the SteamVR Tracking technology in 2016 in an open way. One could witness this in their decisions that anyone is allowed to use the tracking technology in their own products which would be royalty free and also wouldn’t require any kind of certification to launch such amazing products. Valve has worked with numerous third parties and has also updated the tools. After doing this amount of great work, Valve is now offering a direct access to the technology and also to the coursework which is widely available with free of charge and in two mediums, i.e. English and Chinese.

The Valve is known as the pioneer in the tracking tech and now it is indicating that with their new moves, the company is planning to continue to be a driving force for the advancement and adoption realm.  HTC is also primarily driving the development of the HTC VIVE headset. On the same level, Valve has also worked closely with HTC on VIVE headsets and helps to retain control on the subtle tracking technology. New SteamVR Tracking base stations’ teaser was released by Valve in the late 2016 and now very recently, the Company has confirmed its delivery. As for now, the standalone base stations are solely sold by HTC at a price of $130.




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