Victory Square Technologies and The Global Summit

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According to the data published by MarketsandMarkets, the market for virtual reality (VR) is valued at $5.12 Billion in 2017, expecting to reach $30.08 Billion by 2023. The Global Summit is helping in driving the development of these markets.

The Victory Square Technologies is supporting as the Presenting Sponsor of the VR/AR Global Summit. Nathan Pettyjohn, President of the VR/AR Association says that it is truly an honor to be supported by Victory Square. It is helping to bring together a global community of some of the brightest minds in the VR industry, as well as some of the leading brands utilizing the VR technologies. It is really exciting to see victory Square Technologies on board in a leadership position with the Global Summit.

According to the Victory Square CEO,Shafin Diamond Tejani, the VR/AR Global Summit is an impressive forum in which the deepening pool of high tech incubation prospects will be bolstered, extending the reach and influence in the network of elite industry giants. The gaming division and immersive technologies have already generated over 300% year-over-year growth in the revenues derived from building customized AR/VR games and immersive experiences for the large global brands such as Intel, Chrysler, SONY, Paramount, and TED. This VR/AR Global Summit is simply another stepping stone in building the presence and engagement at the highest levels of the industry.

More information on the VR/AR Global Summit is available on the VRARA official website. But we do the complete coverage of the upcoming events. You can stay in touch with us for the latest updates and news on the VR technology or events.

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Rolve Bhatia


Rolve Bhatia

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