Virtual Reality and Its Prospective Role in Museums and World Heritage

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Museums are essentially accepted as foundation of the world’s history or past which must be preserved in order to carry forward the legacies of human race. And in this age what is more capable than technology itself to let the future generations know about the enriching history of existence.

Alex Benay the CEO and President of Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation explains how Tech pioneers like virtual reality is the best possible way to bring out stories from the past is by showing it to the people in a raw or a refined way which can be explicitly achieved through virtual reality.

Virtual Reality in it servitude to the museums was put to the first test by employing a VR simulation of the 1936 CN 6400 steam locomotive which was acquired by Canada Science and Technology Museum in 1967.

Once VR is fully deployed the visitors to the museum will be made to enter a long tunnel-like small room with their Oculus Rift headsets on. This is where they shall be allowed to experience operating the train in 4D with complete 3D surround-sound and special air cannons to blast off the steam from the steam engine and the floor quaking beneath their feet for a fully immersive feel.

Thus, according to Benay technology can play a major and a strong part in supplementing the existence and possible future of the museums in the world at large.




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