Virtual Reality Gave Voice To The Story Of ‘GIMME360’

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Lots of brands are now-a-days pledging to give back to all the good causes. And Customers are not able to see that how their sales are making a positive impact on the society and that is why GIMME360 is trying to make a big change along with the use of Virtual Reality.  GIMME360 is a Toronto based brand of apparel that gives back to their partnered charities like 1001fontaines so as to bring cleans drinking water for the developing countries. GIMME360 wants the public to see with their eyes that what they are doing for the people living in the developing nations!

They came with an out of the box idea like each of the apparel items has a GIMME360 logo that one can tap with their smart phone in order to access immersive and illusionistic, 360-degree video of the communities which are present all around the world and see with their own eyes what positive impact of their purchase has given to those communities. This idea will also encourage more and more sales because more people would love to make a change in less fortunate people’s lives.

We all know that the technology is new and evolving constantly and that is why many businesses are still very much unsure on how to use this technology effectively. The company is able to offer just one example on how to stand up for their social responsibility in a really amazing and unique way. Currently, GIMME360 is able to raise money through the Kickstarter campaign in order to get the apparel brand just off the ground. You would be surprised to know that as of November 17, the company was able to collect funds more than $10,000 as pledged toward its goal of $14,884.




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