Virtual Reality Gives a New Way To The Islanders With Move Tickets

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It is indeed very hard for the American hockey fans to convince their American friends to follow the Canadian game. It is true that a U.S. team has been winning every possible Stanley Cup from 1994, and the Canadian team has just seven out of 30 NHL’s franchises.

John Baier who is the senior vice president of ticket sales and service for Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment  says that the NHL hockey is the best sport when watches live and that essence cannot be translated into TV. And, Baier and his team have already started looking into the next best possible thing in order to attend an actual game and i.e. in virtual-reality technology.

Baier and his team have definitely done some digging and that is why they are letting to capture the play-off in a form of a bottle. They are collaborating with two other local production houses named as Georges Briard Productions and the Immerse Productions. Baier and his team have already filmed a tour of the Barclays Centre on April 20 with the help of Autopano and AdobePremiere software. The cameras used in the whole thing were six GoPros which were attached to Freedom 360 Rig mounts. It gives the video an omnidirectional quality.

The next step which is required is the distinctly non-virtual touch. Baier’s team began visiting the customers who may have interest in the Islanders ticket packages, which is typically at their place of their business in order to entice the potential buyers. It would be much like a real hockey game that the team is giving a virtual-reality tour of Barclays Center that should be witnessed in person. It is because it is very hard to convey that how realistic the experience will be.




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