Virtual Reality is all Set to Make shopping Super Fun

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Very soon you could be trying out things to be bought in Virtual Reality, be it a piece of clothing or a home improvement or furnishing commodity as stores are tuning in to the user’s interests and VR is shifting from being a gaming centered technology to a compelling new era of smart business strategies.

Retailers have seen this opportunity to lure in the vacillating consumers into the stores and have them experience the power of foreseeing. Paired with the right marketing strategies it is very likely to boost the market for retailers. Brands such as Ikea, Lowe and North Face have already put up stores to transform the experience for their buyers.

Lowe’s have added a futuristic edge to the overall shopping experience putting up virtual rooms called Holorooms across 19 stores to enable shoppers witness a 3D mock up of the renovation and improvement plans by showcasing their choice of remodeling equipment placed in bathroom or kitchen to be seen in VR.

The specialized cut out pace for VR viewing offers buyers to slip on an Oculus Rift headset to check out how all the elements will play out in reality while the staff at the stores helps them put together different parts or switch them while the customers are still looking.

Virtual Reality mimics reality in sight and sound quite closely which is why its application in such purposes is not only understandable but feels only more natural. Although virtual reality is currently the highest card to play on the table however, it still needs to be done right in relevance to the brands so that the whole experience doesn’t feel too gimmicky.




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