Virtual Reality May Help To Visualize Unborn Babies Better

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There is another leap that Virtual Reality is soon going to make and each soon be mom will be able to witness this miracle. Parents will soon be able to watch their unborn babies grow in a realistic 3 dimensional and immersive visualizations. All thanks go to this brand new yet bit old immersive and illusionistic technology that has the ability to transform an MRI along with ultrasound data into a VR model of a fetus which is 3-D in nature.  According to the research which is yet to be presented next week at the annual meeting of the RSNA, short for the Radiological Society of North America. In this project MRI is used as MRI provides a very high-resolution fetal and placental images set along with excellent contrast.

Researchers are from Brazil who has created virtual reality 3 Dimensional models which are based on the fetal MRI results. Then, they are mounted well with MRI slices, which subsequently are used in order to begin the construction of this great model. A segmentation process follows after this process in which the physician overall selects the body parts that has to be reconstructed in the 3 Dimensional format. Once the 3-D model of the womb, umbilical cord, placenta and fetus is crafted well then the VR device can easily be programmed in order to incorporate the model well with the process.

The experience with the Oculus Rift will be miraculous and wonderful and Dr. Werner also agrees with everyone as he believed in his dream and also in millions of would be a parent’s dream too. The project provides the fetal images which are sharper and also much clearer than the simple ultrasound and also the MR images that would be viewed on a traditional display. The technology has also numerous potential applications like assessing the fetal airway patency and if any problem persists, then it can be taken care of well beforehand! It is yet another miracle effort taken in the Medical world by Virtual Reality!




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