Virtual Reality platform explored by Jackson Students

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Students at Jackson Central-Merry Early College High School felt the heart pumping in their hands as they pulled it out of the screen in front of them. They turned the beating heart around and further clicked to make it beat much faster. Students could even dissect a brain or pull off a robotic limb or even examine the body’s nervous system all in the immersive platform.  According to the students they were able to see the biology in the immersive experience. The zSpace Mobile Classroom was stopped in Madison County on Tuesday and first visiting in the Jackson-Madison County School System’s central office and was ready to be toured by principals and administrators of the school.

Roger Choate who is the co-owner of the Learning Partners that sells zSpace immersive 3 Dimensional virtual reality that is to be sold in a lab of 10 and each lab costs around $40,000 to $50,000. It has demonstrated many different kind of learning styles that are even tougher to address that too in a traditional classroom and this immersive experience will let the teachers to explain medical with ease and in no time.

LaDonna Braswell who is the principal of the Lincoln Elementary School just couldn’t wait to see their own students who are trying out the latest technology. She was fascinated with the fact to bring the butterfly out of the traditional screen so as to see the patterns made on its wings and also to see that how a cocoon is being made. There are now many streams that Virtual Reality is being used in like in surgeries in real time or in real estate let us see how it is being taken by the general students and teachers in their real time education arena.




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