Virtual Reality’s App Store, A Treat For The World By HTC Soon!

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HTC is working hard and is taking big steps for Virtual Reality enthusiasts. It is on a course of giving treats to the world in celebrating the success of Virtual Reality. HTC has recently announced that it is soon going to launch Viveport, an app store, worldwide this fall. Though Viveport was announced, it quite earlier this year and was launched in China, which they named it as Steam. But, now a full beta version had been made which will be launching soon, and will be followed by a full rollout.

HTC has taken a special care in developing an app store for the globe by taking certain steps for small and older aged Virtual Reality enthusiasts as it is hard for them to understand an app store. That is why HTC’s new app store will have an easier and a much cleaner interface that one can easily understand.  It is a consumer-friendly app store than its competitors like Steam. The interface of HTC’s new app store is quite similar to the Oculus app store. HTC’s new app store will be made available for multiple platforms such as desktop, mobile application, etc. HTC Vive senior vice president Rikard Stelber and Viveport believes that Virtual Reality will change the face and perspective of the world and they are providing a medium to the VR technology, to do that.

HTC’s app store will have some major certain categories of VR that one user easily roam around in categories such as educational experiences, shopping, and creative tools. HTC just wants to provide maximum categories to showcase the maximum experience of Virtual Reality. Let us see which app store is better, HTC’s Viveport or Oculus app store.




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