Virtual Reality’s “Life Garden” Thanking Cancer Research Supporters At RHS

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Every year at RHS short for Royal Horticultural Society conducts a flower show where many beautiful gardens are showcased at Hampton Court Palace in London. But, this time they were presented with a little twist. This year, visitors were given the real treat. They witnessed the first ever Virtual Reality Garden which was built as a memorial to the people who always kept the cancer patients in their prayers and proved it by keeping charity in their wills and was done by Cancer Research, U.K. Creative agency Atomic and Studio Rushes joined hands and made it possible and named it as The “Life Garden” which will be running till 10th of July. It invites people to wear a headset and just be transported to the field of 100,000 flowers standing up with the names of the supporters who have helped Cancer Research Society through charity.

Along with its launch at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower show, the Virtual Garden will be launched at various other places as “tribute events” at a number of different locations in London. It will be a big hit as family and friends of supporters can now be able to see that their loved ones are being remembered.

According to many people, Virtual Reality is regarded as a gimmick to make people feel like that they are either on a roller coaster ride or in racing car. Now with Life Garden being created, it will engage people more emotionally. Let us see how this idea of using technology with Emotions will be revolutionary.





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