VR Game ‘Rick And Morty’ Releasing For Oculus Rift & HTC Vive

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A lot of good news is coming along the Virtual Reality way! First is that the Virtual Reality industry would be touching $75 billion in 2021 and now, the much-awaited game Rick and Morty is being released in Virtual Reality! They have made their way to be on your HTC VIVE and OCULUS RIFT headsets on Steam and Oculus home! You could be able to take part in a dimension-hopping adventure that would be starting on April 20th and for just $29.99! The game is developed by the makers of the tongue-in-cheek VR game Job Simulator, i.e. Adult Swim Games and Owlchemy Labs.

If they have made this game, then obviously, we should more puzzles and entertainment that would be drawn out of the game! The game holds huge cartons filled with entertainment. In one carton, you will see that the user would be taking control of a Morty clone, which is created on purpose to do all the chores for RICK! How amazing!

 Just imagine, Rick, giving his first task to you as you have to do his dirty laundry! How would you do the laundry? Though it is no tough job, but the job activity is more like placing your dirty underwear in the machine and turning the knobs of the machine from the dry wash with pressing the heater button and so on, it do feel like an actual activity! All thanks to the Job Simulator. The early demo version of the game reveals a lot about the game. The game is indeed full of the same absurdist sci-fi humor that the Rick and Morty show fans know and admire.




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