VR Giving Chance To FAT JEW Fans To Be With Him

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Josh Ostrovsky also known as FAT JEW is a famous American Pop-culture commentator and a plus size model. He has his own wine line which he named it as White Girl Rose.
This behind the scenes Virtual Reality video shows the interview of FAT JEW by Mindie Kaplan of ‘Rated VR’. It was filmed in a Hot Air Balloon. They talked a lot about his business, his lifestyle, and his politics views over a nice bottle White Rose Girl Wine.
He told about his experience in setting up his media empire. He used YouTube or Instagram platform to build up his empire. And according to him, he used to upload his weird thing on media platform and once he got noticed, the stuff goes on becoming weirder. According to him, one should just upload his stuff on internet and once people notice you that become your platform. This is how he started his business and promoted it.
It now wants to do something different for his fans, and that is why he did his interview in VR platform to give his customers a real treat. Now just put your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and enjoy another interview of FAT JEW by being with him in his hot air balloon.




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