VR Noir Is Challenging The Traditional Style Of Watching Television

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Technology has changed with the changing time. It is even hard to imagine that there were silent movies by Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton which were the only source of entertainment and that too before Radio. If we talk about today, the technology is actually living in our own room in a form of 4Kresolution where the room is surrounded by high sound. Now the technology has advanced so much that it has changed the very meaning of Entertainment. This newly released immersive experience which is called as VR Noir has actually made us feel that traditional style of sitting on a couch and passively staring at a television is just as strange as watching a silent movie in this High-tech Era.

VR Noir is a 360-degree interactive film which is created by the Australian studio Start VR. The experience has pulled all the strings of this namesake genre. However, all the familiar strings seem fresh and innovative used in this immersive new medium.

Though the performance in VR Noir was just fine, but the plot is bit on the flimsy side as the twists and turns lack luster shine. The most important thing about VR NOIR is that, how they have used the latest brimming technology and not the story or the content.

The story line is that you are given an agency within the narrative and you are allowed to choose whether you want to ask more questions or simply just want to take the case. You can have full access of a spy camera as you take a chance. The most interesting factor is that you get a chance to experience the story as first man only and not as a traditional style of watching.

These series of interaction between the immersion and narrative have given a chance to deliver such an entertainment of the future to the VR enthusiasts. VR Noir‘s producer, Nathan Anderson has said that the VR Noir is now available for download for free on Android and iOS on Oculus store and Virtual Reality APP store.





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