World’s most advanced Facial Expression Tracking VR Headset-Veeso

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Why use a headset that simply renders audio and visual information for a passive immersion when you are able to track your own facial expressions and emotions in Virtual Reality? Sounds intriguing don’t it?

World’s most supremely advanced and exciting piece of VR gadget is here which allows the user to actively transport into the world of VR by tracking the facial expressions and interpreting the emotions and integrating them with the VR characters in real time. This amazing VR headset by Veeso is the first Virtual Reality headset to add another exciting and brilliant dimension to the VR technology in Head Mounted Devices (HMDs).

The next-gen Virtual Reality Headset by Veeso uses built-in face tracking cameras and exclusive sensors capable of capturing the facial expressions. The headset also uses specialized software for integrating the information received from sensors and cameras into the visual graphics in the VR interface.

The headset is built in such a way that it renders compatibility with Apple iOS and Android Devices. Adding another laurel to the revolutionary headset is its feature and ability to let the users interact with users in VR through emotions and facial expressions. Thus, you could be enjoying a movie with a friend through your avatars emoting in VR the same way you do in real time. How cool ain’t it?

Now with Veeso you will not just be able to access and engage in thousands of VR games but you can also become the protagonist of your favorite VR game and play the game by transferring your own facial expressions to your character in VR, in real time. Also, Veeso VR Headset encourages social interaction in VR by letting you communicate with your friends on the most fun and popular VR social networks with realistic facial expressions.

Veeso is currently a functioning prototype communicating tracking data through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but will soon enter the market as a commercially ready product to take the world anticipating more from VR by storm.




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