Xiaomi Added Another Mobile VR Headset To Its Collection

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Xiaomi is finally successful in adding another star to its profile by unveiling the Mi VR today. According to them, it is the company’s first inertial motion controller VR headset that they have ever launched. The company made a debut in the Virtual Reality arena with their VR device named it as the Mi VR Play which was revealed earlier this summer with very limited availability to the beta testers and now, the forthcoming Mi VR will soon going on a general release in China which will be priced at RMB 199 which is equivalent to $30.

Xiaomi VR headset will work only with Xiaomi smart phones and going on the footprints of other companies which are already there in the field and have established them as a brand name in VR space. And Xiaomi has also announced that they are hopefully not launching their VR device in United States.

Let us talk about Mi VR hardware. It includes a dedicated motion sensor and system level optimizations for 16ms’ ultra low latency which are aiming to minimize Motion sickness or in VR language- VR nausea. The headset also comes with a fore mentioned 9-axis motion controller in order to support a much wider range of interactions with the Virtual Reality content. Virtual Reality content for the device can also be downloaded from the Xiaomi’s app store. If we talk about design then, design wise the Mi VR doesn’t look anything like their previous Mi VR Play. It has taken its inspiration in design from Sony’s PlayStation.




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