Zero Latency Raises $7 Million for ‘Warehouse Scale’s Expansion

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Zero Latency, which a Melbourne based company has raised $7 million in the venture funding. The company actually specializes in the Local Multiplayer Virtual Reality experiences and named it as ‘warehouse scale’.  They are beginning to open attractions all around the world. The Consumer Virtual Reality headsets are optimized to use in a very small living space. The vast majority of software is designed by keeping the limitations in mind.

VR-enabled combat arena is being known as a natural fit for the larger space which is also the cutting edge game of the laser tag. Melbourne-based Zero Latency was also among the one of those early enablers of ‘warehouse scale’ Virtual Reality, who are utilizing the custom tracking systems for the accessories like headsets and gun.  These accessories when combined with ‘backpack’ PCs can be allowed for a larger space Gameplay in order to achieve a wireless solution that will go beyond the sort of small room-scale Virtual Reality experiences which are available at home!

This project was originally known as the Inversion Project, dated back in 2013. The Zero Latency has developed at a fast pace and all thanks go to a $1m investment that was made by the Sydney-based Carthona Capital back in 2014. The project has been fully operational as a public attraction in Melbourne for over a year now! It is available in three major modes named as zombie survival, puzzle solving, and space shooter. It also supports up to six players. This amazing latest technology was recently brought to Madrid, Tokyo, and Orlando, which uses the Alienware backpack PCs designed in the partnership with Zero Latency.





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