A New Haptic Enabled VR Exoskeleton Glove, But With A Twist

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 EXOS is a brand new haptic enabled Virtual Reality glove. The exclusiveness about these gloves is that it uses force feedback so as to deliver the sensation of physicality when played or used in the immersive applications. Exiii, which are Tokyo based developer are working on a new Virtual Reality glove that will deliver, the so-called “reactive force” in the response to the actions being made the user in virtual reality. It is regarded as the practical upshot, because of which the user will be able to ‘feel’ the virtual objects in the illusionistic arena.

The EXOS implements a more simplistic and less rough approach towards the new invention. EXOS works with an individual thumb and a collection of 4 finger movement along with force feedback. It seems like a regressive element, but it is definitely a smart design choice and EXOS’ design proved to be more Robust as the moving parts are less in number and also there is a set of programmatic requirements which are much simpler in nature. All this is just a pure speculation currently because no one had their hands-on this device as such.

Various videos don’t give out the detailed information. Only the demonstrations on how the glove deals with all types of surfaces like hard and soft surfaces, but there is no information is given on how much force is needed to be applied. There is a fog that is not allowing us to know the effectiveness of the device. The 2nd or 3rd generation Virtual Reality technology keeps everyone excited for the future and reminds everyone that, maybe virtual Reality is available to the world, but there are many things and branches like medical, education and so on, is yet to be explored and many problems are yet to be solved.




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