A New Virtual Reality Camera- VUZE Available for Order at $799

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Virtual Reality has come forward as a brand new mesmerizing technology that has gained the attention of technology enthusiasts and common consumers at large. However, it has not yet made its way to being the consumer favorite technology which as per reports has a lot to do with the price a user has to pay to enjoy and experience Virtual Reality. Thus, a notion that Virtual Reality for now is expensive has been doing the rounds everywhere.

Contrary to the above statement there is one gadget that has recently entered market at quite an affordable price compared to its contemporaries. Virtual Reality has a new camera named VUZE which is now available for pre-order at an extremely affordable price of $799. Now, I know what you must be thinking. How can $799 be affordable to any common household? Then again, comparing the price of the camera to its peers currently running the race, it is surprisingly low provided all the wonderful features offered by the gadget.

The camera has been developed by an Israeli company named HumanEyes, VUZE is equipped with eight high definition cameras clubbed in pairs and positioned at the periphery of the square shaped device. The cameras are capable to shoot 4k 360-degree virtual video with a simple point and shoot interface.

The camera shall be accompanied by a combo selfie-stick/tripod, carrying case and VUZE studio which is a company made software that stitched the videos shot and also enables editing. The camera is wonderful start to building up your own VR content at a genuine price. VUZE is currently available for Pre-orders, however, its shipping will commence in October.




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