A Survey Claims 78% of AR/VR Developers To Be Platform Agnostic

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According to a recent Survey conducted and published by VRDC, developers keen in creating content for AR and VR are not planning for platform exclusive content development which means that 78% ( a large number of developers) are inclined to go platform agnostic when it comes to developing for AR and VR sector.

Seeing the contrasting trends of Oculus and HTC Valve where Oculus funds developers to ensure platform exclusivity while HTC Valve let developers to go alone the, innovation report generated by VRDC which asked developers if their upcoming AR/VR projects will be for single platform depicts that a majority of developers are keen to work projects independent of platform dependency with a 21.9% of the votes going in favor of platform exclusivity and 78.1% going agnostic.

Quite understandably many developers would want their creations and content to be accessible and compatible with maximum AR/VR platforms unless there is a deal struck on terms of exclusivity. Any other reason to stick to a single platform would be due to ease-of- support or development offered by a particular platform.

Although the figure is interesting however, it must be noted that the figure is generated from a total of 500 respondents to the survey. Also, the platforms don’t presumably speak of Oculus and HTC alone but for all the other available platforms such as Google Cardboard VR, Google Daydream, Sony PSVR, Gear VR etc.

Intriguingly enough the survey also shed light on which platform was most widely acceptable for developers’ next AR/VR projects in which HTC Vive stood out over the other available platforms.




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