Amazing Free Tools For a Resourceful UX Design

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UX designing plays a pivotal role in promoting the application among the audience as it is responsible for establishing an emotional connection with the users by ensuring an enriching user experience through the design. Thus creating a resourceful UX design is of utmost importance and it most certainly requires efficient environments to do so. Thankfully, unlike a free lunch there are a few amazing tools on the web for UX designers, available for free. UX designing is a vast concept and hence, there are multiple aspects to each to be carried out with different tools. In this article however, we will solely focus on the design tools.

Adobe Brackets

Adobe Brackets is an open source front end text editor that comes with focused visual tools and preprocessor support making it a modern day text editor. Adobe rackets is significantly built to make designing easier on the browser. Adobe Brackets is a very lightweight yet efficient text editor with many visual tools blended to the editor for an enhanced design with all the right help needed.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator does exactly what the name suggests. You can’t believe how handy such a tool can come for designing using dummy content. You can generate specific number of words or paragraphs using this tool. It is used by most of the designers working on projects which use HTML Markup and even other scripting languages.


Colorpic is a tool used to generate custom color and shades as per the design. However, what makes this tool exceptional is that it can pick colors from a high resolution source as it has a magnifier attached to the color picker. The ultimate tool lets the user to pick up 16 colors at once and offers the most advanced color mixer for generating new and unique spectrum of shades.


Netvibes is another essential tool that lets you track and assess online content such as blogs and RSS feeds by creating customized dashboards. It is mostly useful to keep in touch with your favorite UX designed websites to draw inspiration for a brilliant new design of course.

These tools are not only ingenious but serve as the backbone of a creative UX design and the best part is that you can get them at the click of a button and without having to spend a penny.




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