APIs as Resourceful Economy factor for Businesses

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Businesses these days have grown to understand the need and importance of APIs as most businesses have transitioned into acknowledging APIs as a critical resource and not just a programmable commodity used by software developers.

Analyzing the emerging API market trends one can consider API economy to be a colossal factor that plays in the success rate of the business. Most business authorities accept APIs being a part of the economy stating that APIs can no longer be ignored by businesses as various applications that once required loads of code and programming to run can now be achieved by APIs which is why the API marketplace are making the jobs of developers and programmers easier.

Most startups running low on internal resources swiftly adapt to APIs and are less bothered by the new advancements. However, some of the larger business communities have also openly adopted APIs and are now openly developing their services around these APIs. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that APIs have gone mainstream and are no longer just an asset to the startup companies.

However, the only limitation APIs pose to major or small businesses are the inhibitions in customization since one can make changes to the open source APIs while closed APIs are available for use only as they exist with the specific set of features offered.

On the other hand, APIs have made the lives and jobs easier for Developers and have also compensated for the lack of developer talent as APIs are getting more and more sophisticated and will continue to grow long the same lines.




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