App Data: Sure Shot Way To Win At App Marketing

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APP DATA is said to be effective only when it is shared with those people who are ready to do something on it. Mobile advertising is growing at a very rapid pace which also tells us that it is critical to share your Data across your partnerships. The industry is embracing this concept and many data provider companies are pleased to witness this embracement.  We come across a lot of issues in this field such as we encounter an advertiser who may not be passing you all the required post-install events. Well, there may be many triggers behind it such as; the Advertiser may believe that the Data is proprietary or the advertiser may lack in resources required to set up the post-install tracking rightfully.

When the positive trends do not correlate to what your advertiser really wants, then this is called post-install event and this leads to failure of partnerships and wastage of budget. You should share the registration or the purchase or the engagement which is regarded as the true means of success and ROI. This encourages the partners to intervene on your part and will discourage any wastage to scale quality sources. We know that every coin has two sides. So, the flip side of the above is that your partners should provide you everything that is required by you including real-time dashboards, scheduled reports that are actionable to you. The top two meeting points for your data is the tracking and analytics platforms that you have used and what has been passed in the tracking URL.

Tracking and analytics are two different platforms which have their own platforms which further have their own SDKs short for software development kit and methodologies which have their own merits and demerits. This is making the server-to -server data sharing sensitive to communicate over URLs in the form of Cost data. The key to advertisers is the collection of data, but also to focus on single points of information at a time of optimization. If we talk about takeaway in the partnerships, they are truly defined by a shared set of goals and collaboration which require the sharing of DATA. Without it, the very foundation of the partnership will then set up for failure. The foundation is the same as it was in your kindergarten which is SHARING.




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