Berlin Showcases AR/VR Headsets, Gadgets At Mega Consumer IFA show

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Berlin recently hosted its Mega Consumer electronics show IFA this week which showcased some of the most vibrant and outgoing Virtual Reality technologies such as Headsets and VR Cameras jostling for attention to hog the limelight at the show.

The show excelled at outing together all genres of VR gadgets and technologies such as VR Cameras, gaming accessories. Seeing the rising trends in AR/VR tech analysts predict and expect Smartphone maker brands and Companies to work on more VR ready and compatible models to go along with such vigorous technologies.

The annual IFA show began as an exhibition about 90 years ago on the early days high tech medium Radio transforming into today’s massive technology showcase for hundreds of consumers to touch, feel and experience the latest and revolutionizing technological trends.

The IFA which will go on for about six days will see tech giants seeking attention of the consumer attendees with novelties and delights ranging from high resolution television screens to 3D printers, Fitness Gadgets and this year Virtual Reality mainstream tech. The showcase takes place somewhat before ht Christmas thus taking up a special place for influence over the European Holiday gift giving season.

In the past few years Smartphones and Tablets have ruled over the IFA dominating the headlines at the show however now the manufacturers are struggling to find new innovative ways to persuade and attract customers This is why VR and AR are now being considered as the big cash cow of the day.

Gaming apps such as Pokémon Go combines both and has thus been a runway hit in the industry driving hundreds of people out into the streets to catch the Pokémon.




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