Björk’s VR Dipped Exhibition To Be At Somerset House

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Avant-Garde musician from Iceland will now showcase her repertoire of her technology dipped music videos at Somerset House in a form of an exhibition in the Virtual Reality platform. Her collection actually pushed the boundaries in the arts and technology by experimenting music with every possible interactive technology. The exhibition will include never seen before work made by Björk. It will also encourage audiences to interact with technological performances, for example the video for Stonemilker, in which she sings on a remote beach in Iceland, which can be seen through 360-degree VR headsets.

Jonathan Reekie who is currently posted as the director of Somerset House said that the exhibition would work as a testament to Björk’s top works disregard of the technologies being used. “It is a celebrating time for her vast artistry and imagination along with the fact that she’s an amazing artist that completely voids any categorization. If you get soaked into her work over the years you can actually witness that what she has created which can be named as some of the extraordinary film pieces revolving around her music, and it is so rare to see an artist who is actually willing to embrace all those new budding technologies, like virtual reality”

Reekie also confirmed that the major highlight would be Mouth Mantra which is a surreal VR piece which is created entirely from footage captured inside Björk’s mouth as she goes on singing the famous title track from Vulnicura which enables the audiences to experience in a 360 degrees environment.  Reekie felt like that it is the right time for an exhibition which is in a celebrating Björk, not only because of her amazing growing popularity, but also because of the way of thinking, working, etc.

Björk Digital will be showcased at Somerset House 1 which is starting from September-23 October.




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