‘Blade Runner’ Director RSA Today Announced The Launch Of RSA VR

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RSA short for Ridley Scott Associates is a film production company of a famous director Ridley Scott. The latest news that is coming up is that he is launching his all new division named as RSA VR with a vision to produce high-end immersive films using VR, AR, and mixed reality. Scott and co. are already famous for his known work such as Alien released in 1979, Blade Runner which was released in 1982, Black Hawk Down released in 2001 and much more and is in the industry from past 40 years.  A formalization and expansion of RSA’s recent work in VR space can be seen by the production of The Martian VR Experience released in 2016 and also with the forthcoming Alien: Covenant experience.

The studio calls RSA VR a new division which is dedicated exclusively to the creative development and production of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and mixed media. The production is heavily involved in VR from the past few years, and making a dedicated stand-alone division subtly tells the tale of our commitment and dedication towards the immersive media. When the announcement arrives in the industry, the RSA VR division is already in the middle of many major Virtual Reality projects like film campaign for Siemens, an episodic VR series called Blackbox, an unannounced episodic VR documentary series which will be directed by photographer Michael Muller and forthcoming Alien: Covenant VR experience.

The division is heavily involved in the Virtual Reality project for many years now and has been successful in handling many projects alone. In the past, they have really done an incredible work which can’t be forgotten like Martian VR Experience released in 2016 and have undertaken numerous projects and out of which 13 are active as for now!




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