Business Class Of United Airlines Dipped In VR

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United Airlines doesn’t believe in being stagnant at one simple point, but believes in being dynamic.  This faith is once again proved by these airlines after they have developed the Boeing 777. United airlines are working very hard on designing and making a new fancy business class. They have named it Polaris and they have already created Polaris lounges which offer spa-like showers and chef-inspired hot meals. Now you must be wondering about the route of such planes, but you will be amazed to know that the planes aren’t ready yet. We have provided you a video which is narrated by Matt Damon. Video has been with the collaboration of United Airlines and digital creative studio Thinkingbox. This video gives a powerful sneak view of new amenities that will be provided on board.

Through video they just want to show the customers that what they are actually missing. They are not missing out any boring experience, but a world class business class. They are using today’s technology to showcase the latest business class. Thinking box has built this experience from the start and from scratch with motion captured CGI characters and was built entirely on Unreal’s 3D game engine.

Earlier in May, Nicole Kidman shot a five minute short film in VR with Etihad Airways to show an experience of world class aircraft. We can see that many airways firms are making VR dipped videos to showcase their latest developments in the field.




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