Canadian Startup uses Virtual Reality to Sell Real Estate Places

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A startup company in Calgary named Beyond Reality has designed a Virtual Reality program to sell real estate places to prospective clients. As per Garlon Yau, most clients at first were highly skeptical however the company is trying its best to keep the clients hooked by following the old adage “Show them, don’t tell them.”

Virtual Reality essentially falling just one step behind the very real experience lets the users or the potential buyers to step into the Virtual Condo and move around and explore the space at their will without even having to travel there in the physical world. Exploring the place in Virtual Reality even gives you the freedom to look around a corner or under a sink or a nook just like a buyer would in real world and that too by simply following the regular body movements.

The benefits of using Virtual reality in real estate are illuminated when the buyers are made to interact with the objects such as a table which on being manipulated in VR changes into a different one. Thus, exploring properties in VR gives the buyers the ultimate freedom to move through a horde of different options in furniture and wall themes for customization.

The founder of the startup Yau has paid due attention to all the detailing and the functionalities inside VR as he hopes to revolutionize and redefine how real estate can be sold. This unique program will also be used by developers to showcase mockup places with blueprints such that buyers can explore the space before buying and even before its built in real.




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