Check out the Latest Opto Rugged VR Smartphone Headset

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Virtual Reality is facing an amazing high in the industry which is why new VR headsets are on the release to bring more robust and unique technologies in the market. We have one such latest VR headset for those who are looking for a VR headset greater than Google Cardboard but less expensive and loaded than Oculus Rift and the likes. Opto Rugged Smartphone VR headset is the latest addition to the VR gear family enabling users to view VR content such as movies, videos and 360 degree photos on the device.

Opto provides complete VR solutions with great features and a built in sound/audio system to let you immerse in the VR content without having to connect with any other audio device. Opto is specifically designed to lift Virtual Reality from the gaming den and move it to the living room as it helps experience movies, videos and games like never before. The headset is compatible with every latest Smartphone irrespective of its make and built and lets you experience VR wherever you are as it does not bind you in the shackles of wires. Opto is a lightweight and handy VR gadget that lets you slip in or out of VR in a nick of time.

Check out this short video to know more about this new age wonderful Virtual reality gadget.




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