Check out working prototype of Arena Infinity Haptic VR Gun

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Striker VR is finally showing off the working prototype of the Arena Infinity Haptic VR Gun the design ad concept of which was announced back in April. The VR gun can reportedly stimulate a multitude of weapon fire modes and other haptic effects to the user.

The VR gun offers a significantly realistic effect with an impressive kick especially for an electronic system as it recoils convincingly enough for a haptic device. The Gun possesses a Haptic Engine which can give the feedback for a single full automatic burst of firing modes producing effects similar to that of a sci-fi railgun. Excitingly enough, the gun can also produce effects of a chainsaw for slicing zombies.

The Arena Infinity Haptic VR Gun by Striker VR currently deploys a temporarily affixed tracker which lets the user to point and shoot. However, the company has decided to formally support several official tracking systems so as to offer a choice for the location-based VR firms to choose between the systems for the best suited tracking system.

Striker VR claims to deliver the first VR Arena Infinity Gun Development Kits to the selected partners in the fourth quarter of the year 2016 which will include the haptic gun (in all of its hardware glory), SDK and haptic Sandbox range. The VR gun also aims to integrate Valve’s Lighthouse, and Oculus’ Constellation as well as PlayStation’s Move tracking systems.

While striker VR has yet to announce the consumer version of the gun it goes ahead to tease the anticipating audiences claiming to deliver broader solutions for VR peripherals and accessories to accommodate a variety of new possibilities.




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