Conglomerate Of $10 Billion Being Led By HTC, Investing In VR

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HTC a famous phone maker who even launched VIVE, a revolutionary VR headset, which was released this year now forms a conglomerate with a vision to VR by supporting ‘True Innovation’ in VR. HTC is really taking some bigger steps in the realm of virtual reality as it is now ponying up the money of the real world to support the investment in Virtual Reality. HTC wishes to make a mark on the world with VR as it tasted the Virtual Reality really well and wants to have it all now. It is working as a major goal of the century that HTC is running for.

The Taiwanese phone maker company confirmed this news earlier this week that it has also supported this idea of investing in a conglomerate of 28 venture capital firms to invest in this brimming technology. The fund is made up of many well known companies like Apple, Google and 500 startup companies.  This is happening for the very first time that such renowned Venture capital firms are joining hands at such a large scale which will be driving the future of a new industry rather than having some or the other competition and inventing some new marketing strategies for themselves. Well, this is the first initiative that HTC has taken in the field of Virtual Reality as being the key financial backer in this Virtual Reality Industry. The company also partnered with the famous game maker Valve to develop their VIVE VR headset for an immersive experience that has already hit the market with a bang this April and also backed Virtual Reality goggles and also pledged $100 million that will help Virtual Reality content.

Though Facebook is keeping a low voice about this financial bet as Facebook has already spent $2billion in this industry and keeping it low for a time being. Google and Sony are also imitating Facebook in this context and have not taken out a dollar from their pockets. We wonder why?




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