Creators Of Second Life Now Searching For Third With VR Headset

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Ebbe Altberg new CEO of the company Linden Lab, behind Second Life which was a community building online fantasy’s popularity shot a decade ago. They are now preparing to make a Third Life and they are focusing on collaborating it with Virtual Reality. They have named this project as Project Sansar in which they will be including all these impressive features of second life which are cultural and media scenario. It was an avatar- inhabited world in which they are schmoozing, boozing, sex, etc. They were built to explore, to capitalize and to hang loose in Sansar’s planned worlds like from Mars to the Egyptians.

But, there will be small twist to this as the Avatar Pals will now be more lifelike as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headgear will help you to have an immersive experience rather than that of the typical portal of second life which is more of a desktop Version. According to them, it is easier to make Virtual Reality experiences that are social in nature and easier to share and monetize these experiences. Well, to make the third world project possible for the viewers, they have invested 10 million dollars and more than 75 employees in this project. It is under development from past two and a half years and has recently started accepting applications from the creators of 3D content. They are focusing it to open its launch it to the public later this year or early track in the next year.

Altberg hopes that this new project will become an amazing and a new platform for social VR creators just like YouTube is a one end solution for uploading videos. Everyone is experimenting and is putting bets on what the experience would be like in Virtual Reality as Sansar will be able to lure new users to Virtual Reality Experience of the Second World.  Visitors inside Sansar will be able to dress up and customize their avatars basically communicating with others via voice using Headset.

It can be now be relieved the true strength of Virtual reality and its social life.




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