CRYENGINE Releases Its Update

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CRYENGINE – an amazing version of the Robinson: The Journey creator Crytek is releasing its updated version, version 5.5. There are thousands of additions, enhancements, and features included in the update.

Although there are a number of big video game engines that developers can use to create their projects with Unity and Unreal Engine, this is perhaps the best.

The virtual reality (VR) highlights in the CRYENGINE 5.5 includes multiple new and legacy Components for the new Entity System. It includes the porting of water ripple and legacy rain Entities and a new VR Camera and Interaction Component that get users up and running with their VR project quickly.

The updated version is really easy-to-use. Earlier, the software was tricky for the first time users but the update ensures a comprehensive course for absolute beginners that shows step-by-step information to create a full video game in CRYENGINE.

Here, we mention the highlights of the CRYENGINE 5.5 –

  • SVOGI Improvements: SVOGI is used by the developers to create scenes with realistic ambient tonality. The update includes SVO Ray-traced Shadows that offers an alternative to using cached shadow maps in the scenes.
  • Documentation Overhaul: It helps the veterans and newcomers quickly find what they need.
  • Flappy Boid: A comprehensive on-boarding course that enables users to learn core game development concepts while building a finished game.
  • Sandbox UI/UX Changes: The update offers a huge improvement in the Sandbox Editor. It’s improved workflow, performance, and optimization, and the development process is made easier and quicker.
  • Terrain Object Blending: Users can now mark Entities with a Mesh Component to become a part of the terrain mesh, especially with sand and snow scenes.

For more information on the latest updates and trends in the virtual reality (VR) technology, get back to our blogs. Stay tuned with us for exciting news every time!

Rolve Bhatia


Rolve Bhatia

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