Dexta Introduces Exoskeleton Haptic Gloves To Let You Touch In VR

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This new age Exoskeleton VR input Device seems like the most obvious thing for the most elaborate VR experiences in the coming time, only if someone could’ve thought of it sooner. Giving the new generation user’s hopes a new light, Dexta Robotics are working to create haptic exoskeleton input device named Dexmo Glove that lets users interact with virtual objects in a completely new and exciting way allowing the sense of size and solidity take space in the immersive sensory parameters.

After the Virtual Reality headsets from major brands working in VR have gone to become all modernized and refined, Companies have been in the search of some new revolutionizing technology that will bring in the next marginal leap in the field of Virtual Reality. And quite workably the next move is very likely to be in the input devices enhancing the sensations and tracking to increase the degree of immersion in an experience manifold. Thus, working along the same lines, Dexta Robotics is ready to show off their exoskeleton Haptic Glove- Dexmo that provides feedback to integrate the stimulus of touch in VR.

With Dexmo the user can feel the size, shape and solidity of virtual objects giving you the power to touch objects in the virtual world. The glove works with specialized hardware integrated with the dynamic handling and grasping software in which an inverse force is applied to the fingers providing a sensation of pushing back.

Dexmo is surely an interesting haptic accessory which can surely add a lot of element to your overall VR experience and is also compatible with controllers (for now HTC VIVE controllers) but we are looking for integrations with Oculus touch Controllers at a later stage. The company has yet to announce a particular date and the relevant price for the device.





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