Edge of Nowhere Review: This Could be the VR Game Changer

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Edge of Nowhere is a perfect third person experience in VR letting you to revel in the beauty of living in a virtual world. Created by Insomniac Games, the makers of Sunset Overdrive, Edge of Nowhere is another marvel game specifically designed for Virtual Reality. The game is purely based on adventure and exploration.

The game showcases the player marooned in the Arctic lost in course of an expedition or on some kind of a rescue mission. The journey however, as shown in the trailer goes wrong letting the players wander in dismay and relying on their survival antics. However, the game has many surprise elements from the supernatural world in store for the players beyond those mentioned here.

The controls required for the game are utterly simple as it basically lets you experience and live the whole journey from a third person’s POV. So Edge of Nowhere will have you become a part of all the adventures and thrill of these marooned explorers in the snowscape of Arctic. The left stick of the controller guides your arctic explorer while the A button allows him to jump and hold and climb up on to the ledges in the surroundings.

The game really keeps you hooked and draws you deeper into the eerie virtual world of the arctic which seems like a completely new world altogether. The game is a complete package of convincing and adrenaline pumping elements that grip your mind, attention, senses and beyond. In conclusion it is a perfect way to begin your Virtual Reality journey and being exclusively for Oculus Rift this could really be a game changer.




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