Escape Boredom at Airports with PeriscapeVR’s Immersive Experiences

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Most of the travelers at the airport get bored, but no more, especially in the John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 4- one of the busiest international terminals in the United States. Credits to PeriscapeVR, a VR startup, for offering an escape for commuters with a unique VR experience designed to be easily approachable so that you can dive right into the VR fun.

Featuring curated virtual reality, PeriscapeVR provides passengers with immersive experiences. Its experience center is located in Terminal 4’s Retail Lounge and features VR towers with 12 stations. The appealing experiences are grouped into five categories-

  • First Time: theBlu: Whale Encounter, Reef Migration and Luminous Abyss– An undersea encounter with the largest species on earth, witness the undersea migration on the edge of a coral reef, and venture into the deepest region of the ocean.
  • Experience: Irrational Exuberance– Journey to imaginary worlds and discovering worlds with wildly different interactions, and sensations.
  • Create: MasterpieceVR: Shape your Creativity– Build colorful environments, tangible objects, and high-quality 3D models with various VR tools.
  • Play: Fruit Ninja– Slice, juggle and skewer fruits in virtual reality and enjoy a satisfying and squishy gameplay.
  • Social Cause: Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness– Enjoy a magical VR journey into the foreign land of the sightless.

While you are busy playing, the security of your bags and luggage becomes an important question. Luckily, PeriscapeVR has a solution for this. There is a storage unit built in each VR tower where you can stow all of your bags while you are in your VR experience.

Presently, PeriscapeVR has only one location at JFK airport, but with the potential of generating over $2 million annually, it has planned for locations in 229 other airports including Dubai, Paris, Atlanta, and Shanghai.

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