Essential UX Designer’s Prototyping Tools

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UX design is the most important element in judging the success of a website or a mobile application. Creating and testing different prototypes prior to the launch is considered as a major part of the process and the tools that are readily available is also growing at a rapid pace. There are many different tools available in the market but choosing the right tool can be a complicated process. The tool can mean the world to your UX teams, especially when it comes to Efficiency. Let us see which of the following tool suits you the best according to the profile you have.

AXURE: It is a famous prototyping tool that is highly favored by Codal’s UX designers in the UX field. It has been widely used since 2002 and also been regarded as the most comprehensive prototype tool especially in terms of functionality. It allows the designer to make interactive and clickable forms, according to the client’s preference. It usually costs around $29 – $99 per user, per month.

SKETCH: This is also an equally favored prototyping tool by the clients in the industry. This tool is specially made for Mac- OS X users. Many compare the sketch to Adobe Illustrator which is more ideal model for the prototype. It is a Vector based prototype tool which means that it will never lose the quality which further ensures everything is in its correct place. The cost of sketch is $99 after a trial of 30 days.

INVASION APP: It will fill life in your design and when your design is completed, and then you can upload it to Invasion to add some animations or transitions and to change your file to the clickable prototype. This prototype is regarded with the highest fidelity when compared to the other files that are made by other software. The price of Invasion is $0 to $90 per month.

The above mentioned prototype tools play an important role, especially when it comes to the process of successfully developing a website or a mobile application. There are various UX tools which also play an important role in determining the analytics and success rate.




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