Etihad Airways calls in Nicole Kidman for 360 degree VR Advertising Campaign

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Nicole Kidman the 48-year-old Australian beauty is the ambassador of the luxury airlines Etihad Airways and has now featured in Airline’s latest advertising campaign using 360 degree VR short film for their new plush Airbus A380.

Apart from the Hollywood beauty featuring the ad campaign, there is another special element to this latest advertisement, Virtual Reality. The short trailer for the Airlines named ‘Reimagined’ lets the users take a complete 360 degree look across the plane from the inside. The teaser shows Nicole sitting with her hand in her lap right in the center of her personal cabin in the plane while addressing the camera.

The Hollywood sensation who is also a mother of four is revealed how she still gets excited at the thought of flying in a plane,  ‘I’m passionate about flying, I love planes and I love that they give us the chance to be somewhere very quickly.

‘I still get excited about getting on the plane, I’m one of those people that gets excited to fly and when they asked me to shoot on The Residence I was like “Yes please”. I couldn’t wait to see it.’ Check out the 360 degree teaser of this luxurious plane right here!




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