Evolution Of Virtual Reality Through Raku Sculptures With Zenka

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Everyone wants to know about the evolution of Virtual Reality. Now, here’s the good news for all the keen Virtual reality enthusiasts that the artist Zenka has been able to document the entire evolution of virtual reality through Raku sculptures of Virtual Reality headsets. She’s also successfully created an interactive and an amazing timeline of the major Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality headsets.

Technology has grown so fast that looking back down to 10-20 years old cell phones make us feel like history and also tell us that how far this technology has come. In the same way Zenka also feels the same, about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality headsets as more and more brand names have come forward to launch it in the most advanced way.

In this video, we present some of her thoughts on her project and some of her recent Augmented and Virtual Reality installations.





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