Experience A Haunting Halloween Like Never Before With Virtual Reality

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A new Virtual Reality haunting experience is coming to the Knott’s Berry Farm along with two other North American Amusement Parks starting from this year’s Halloween which will admit patients into a VR Mental Hospital where they will discover horrifying things.

The VR experience begins with the patients being checked into an imaginary Meadowbrook Institute strapped into a wheelchair where a psychiatric patient possess by demonic powers is on the loose.

Halloween Haunt was showcased at the Knott’s with a preview of the experience which lasts for five minutes to scare the devils out of you. The preview experience was partnered with Samsung’s Gear VR for experiencing the haunting yet captivating feature film.

The attraction to the parks is set to come around Halloween and revolves around the story of a demonically possessed patient named Katie who sets out to hunt for other patients and unleashes bedlam across the entire hospital taking control of all the medical staff at the hospital.

The experience will be available at the Fear VR: 5150 and will open on select nights at the amusement park at 7 PM daily. The authorities have yet not disclosed a price for experience the scary tale of Katie. Also, there will only be a few people allowed at a time with reservations.

The experience was developed after a ton of hard work by the Knott’s creative team and the technical staff of the Hollow Studio at the Orange County College Movie Studio. The experience is surely worth the wait and is bound to make your Halloween scary as hell. Have you made your plans for Halloween as yet?




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