‘Galaxy Golf’ Game Review

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This game is actually in a form of 3D planets in which a player manipulates them by just pulling the trigger on the motion controllers by pulling themselves around so as to look at the best possible route to the hole. The player can even adjust the placement of the ball and how you want to grab the ball, either simply with the help of a trigger or by moving the controller up or down.  There is a translucent blue line that will indicate the trajectory of that ball.

The player must utilize the entire planet’s gravity just to get the ball as close as possible to the hole. The player must send the ball into an orbit which is already there around the planet and should avoid obstacles that are there along the way.

As the levels progress by the holes just tends to get more difficult and slowly introduces many new toughening features like water, asteroids, lava and so on. There elements when combined together can give an amazing and interesting challenge to the player and a new variety to the game play. There are two different courses which have 9 holes each in the game. The two courses are Pleasant Hills and Frosty Brimstone and each level has their own unique style which offers different challenges to the user.  If we talk about ‘Immersiveness’, then the celestial music and cartoonish miniature planets there are floating by in the 3D space is a true immersive experience. After being in the game for just 10 minutes, you start feeling absorbed and relaxed in the ambience.

Let us talk about the ‘Comfort’ in the Galaxy Golf. You will experience exceptionally amazing comfort through the entire playthrough as the controls were quite intuitive and manipulating.  Well, overall the Galaxy Golf like other arcade games is an amazing experience and has a lot of potential and a great concept. It is definitely worth $5 and you must check it out.





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