Get Ready to Catch em All with Pokémon Go in its VR Avatar

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Pokémon Go the bona fide IPhone and Android Game is all set to receive VR support for the first time with Google VR Cardboard’s latest iteration sooner than we imagined. The source of information has been gathered from the Game itself where in the “Settings Menu” of the game shows the list of softwares under “Licenses” used to build the game which clearly mentions “Google Cardboard” at the top right plain view.

Also, CEO of Niantic the Developer entity of Pokémon Go, John Hanke hinted at the Game’s recent advancement into the field of Augmented and Virtual Reality wearable devices such as Microsoft Hololens and other recent VR HMDs. The current version of the game is developed to makes use of the phone’s camera to bring the Pokémon’s from the game into the real world whereas the next iteration will involve projecting the Pokémon’s right into the eyeballs through the VR displays for a completely immersive experience.

Although, the game, in later stages can be expected to be released for better and advanced VR headsets however, for now the game will use Google Cardboard, the simplest form of Virtual Reality wearable device available to everybody at a nominal price of $20. More than the price, the bigger advantage lies in the fact that Google Cardboard is compatible with both IPhone and Android making it easy to ensure the availability of the game to every user on both the platforms.

Although, the current use of Google Cardboard is most likely to be temporary even so, it poses many inhibitions for the Game developers and the enterprise but for now it is all the more interesting and curious to find out how the ‘real’ world inside Pokémon looks in VR.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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