Google and IMAX Team up to Bring Cinema Grade VR Camera into Market

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IMAX, the company known for delivering extra large movie screens is now moving to deliver its technology in Virtual Reality format.

Google, during its I/O 2016 conference announced new hardware partnerships to bring an efficient cinema grade VR camera into the market currently hot for VR content production. IMAX says it will dedicate a specialist team of engineers to develop and design the VR camera in collaboration with Google.

The company is all set to launch the VR experiences at different places such as multiplexes and malls using partnerships with Hollywood names to build new business opportunities. The VR camera will capture 360-degree footage which will be featured on VR headsets. The camera will be developed for commercial in roughly 18 months.

IMAX and Google are making the efforts to make sure the camera comes into play for creating content for the entertainment industry encouraging filmmakers to use the cameras for high quality VR film production.

Thus, we can say that the camera won’t exactly be priced keeping the consumer market in mind as it is majorly targeted for commercial filmmaking use. Other competitors in the market under a similar price range are GoPro which signed up to be the hardware partner to Jump at Last year’s I/O. GoPro will also be releasing its new segments for Odyssey.




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