Google Finally Declared Daydream ‘View’ Virtual Reality Headset!

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Google today unveiled its first high-quality mobile Virtual Reality Daydream Headset called ‘View’ that works utterly with Android amalgamated Virtual Reality support. Google has also announced many big hardware bits, especially in its ‘Made by Google’ exclusive hardware event. The event also includes the launch of its smart phones series named it as the Pixel and Pixel XL, a 4K Chromecast, and the VR belle of the ball, and the exclusive “VIEW”, company’s first Daydream VR headset.

The headset is named as ‘View’. It focuses mainly on bringing the ‘Touch of Comfort’ to your overall Virtual Reality experience. The VR headset works exclusively with Daydream certified smart phones which, when connected, syncs wirelessly. It uses auto alignment which allows a quick and seamless entry and exit from the immersive platform, i.e. Virtual Reality.

Clay Bavor who was leading the Google’s Virtual Reality team, stated that the team also took a hard look at other Virtual Reality headsets that were already in the market and therefore, decided for their entry that will look stylish and be very comfortable and also be very simple, friendly and also accessible in every term. This leads to the fabric covered design with a vision that you wear something in your daily life!

Google has made it friendlier that gave a reason to the glasses wearers to rejoice.  Google announced View’s facial interface that fits perfectly over the eyeglasses too. Google has made the padded faceplate interface detachable in itself, which is breathable and hand-washable in nature. It also paved the way for the multiple inserts.

The headset was announced along with Google’s new Daydream certified smart phone named as Pixel which makes it the perfect partner for Virtual Reality. The headset comes with the Daydream controller and the cumulative will be launched in November for $79. The headset will arrive in three colours, i.e. crimson, slate and snow.




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