Google is Looking for YouTube Experts to Make Videos With Jump 360 Rig

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Google is all set to create a dedicated team of experienced and creative YouTubers for its very own new VR YouTube app in the upcoming Daydream platform. The smart move is adopted as a new age strategy to give the users a jump start into the VR 360 videos by intriguing the young talent in photography and direction.

Google’s new VR YouTube app for the Daydream platform has been especially designed and will be created to make the VR 360 degree video viewing a more comfortable experience than it has previously been in order to encourage longer yet healthy and sickness free sessions in VR. The application has been announced to come with all the basic functionalities such as provisions for search in VR, discovery, creating playlists and saving videos for later.

The application will host all the content from the original YouTube application which will be compatible with VR including all types of video content such as monoscopic, 3D 360 degree videos and the regular 3D and 2D videos.
Google is now looking for talented and innovative YouTubers in the wake of its specialized Jump program after Google teamed up with IMAX recently to release a cinema grade VR camera for efficient and quality content creation in VR.

The effort is to let users get into the VR content creation at a commercial as well as personal level with new user-friendly as well commercial level rigs coming in making the VR content production a thing for the mainstream.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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