Google Is Ready To Bring In A Mix Of AR And VR In A Headset

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Since the evolution of Virtual Reality, it has changed everyone and everything that has come its way. The companies are going haywire in creating the headsets that will stand out and be revolutionary in the field. Recently, Google told the media that it is working on a headset that will be high-end and exhibit a major development which will mix the features of AR and VR all together.

According to the media, the company is creating a headset that will not require any mobile or computer for its working. Instead, it will have a screen which will display all of the content and will lean more towards the Augmented Reality. It is because of this reason, the headset will somewhat be like Microsoft’s Hololens and definitely not like Facebook’s Oculus Rift. The concept headset is ready and is specifically designed to compete with other major VR headsets, but the company is also working on other hardware projects side by side which may affect its development.

Google is highly inspired and is very ambitious, especially when it comes to Virtual Reality. Earlier in this year, Google itself unveiled some of the major projects like Project Daydream which can be defined as a Virtual Reality Platform which is powered by Android. This was developed after the major success of Google Cardboard. The company doesn’t believe in being stagnant in one place only, it will move beyond these experiences powered by Android so as to develop more substantial hardware for VR enthusiasts.

Google has an experience of working with augmented reality before. After looking at the success of Pokémon GO being released in augmented Reality, it has been proved that public itself is waiting for Augmented Reality in Future.





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