Google Ropes in Hulu, YouTube Stars & Game producers for VR push

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Google is rigorously preparing for which is going to be the most vital launch of this year for the company that is their dedicated VR project Daydream which will be launched in the coming weeks. Thus, in the wake of making this venture to stand tall Google is spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on virtual reality films and programs to line up the most intriguing and compelling content exclusively for Daydream VR.

Alphabet Inc’s subdivision, Google has roped in Hulu LLC to promote and fund their projects in 360 degree immersive videos along with popular YouTube Celebs such as the Dolan Twins and Justine Ezarik as well as video game producers and sports leagues to pump up its biggest VR initiative till now.

The company is planning to develop and deliver an array of short films, apps as well as games to promote Daydream by creating a hybrid virtual store or a software service which will engage people in the VR project predominantly. To further step up the engagement of user ideology Google began rolling out the latest version of Android which supports Daydream VR on the latest Smartphones on Monday. The central idea behind the whole set up is to encourage the growth of Virtual Reality and the upcoming technologies in the same genre where Google wishes to play a pivotal role in helping people find the best content to watch.

It is also because Google is stepping into the league of an already crowded room pioneers working on the same technology such as Facebook Inc. HTC Corp, Sony Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co. that the Company is hooking up with some of the best and most popular names in the world on entertainment and media such as HBO along with Google’s very own product YouTube. Whereas, the above mentioned firms are working to deliver gaming console centric VR experiences excluding Samsung, Google continues to focus on delivering people mobile-based VR in which consumers can conveniently clip in their Smartphones into the Headset’s Visor to enjoy their favorite piece of VR feature.

Although there is news that Google has been working to built its very own Headset however, for now its main focus is on the release of Daydream VR in which the company is ready to invest big to bring in the most exciting stuff from Google’s own VR apps to other specialized content from popular entertainment sources along with features to control and navigate though the platform. It’s all going to be a classic VR Daydream after all.





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